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Metal Art

Welcome to Steel Silhouettes Inc.


We make many stock items: chandeliers, wall sconces, hanging fixtures, lamps, fireplace screens, art plaques, welcome signs, coat hooks and racks, light switch plates, candle holders, and more.

We also do custom work and larger projects. Any of our graphics can be incorporated into custom projects. Contact us at for more information.

We offer many designs lines: craftsman, rustic lodge-look, Western, Northwest Indian, Northwest natural, and general. We make craftsman design chandeliers and wall sconces featuring the Dard Hunter & Charles Rennie McIntosh rose.

The Northwest natural rustic lodge-look designs feature wildlife and log cabins in mountain, forest and lake settings: moose, elk, wolves, bears, deer, salmon, eagles, geese, ducks, and herons.

The Western designs include: bucking broncos, bull riders, galloping mustangs, grazing mares, frolicking colts, rearing stallions, barrel riders, boots, saddles, six guns, longhorns, buffalo, coyote, end of trail, war chief, eagle & buffalo dancers, campfires, prairie schooners, and teepees.

The Northwest Indian designs include designs inspired by the Tlingit, Haida, & Kwakiutl peoples--eagle, orca, bear, salmon, raven, hummingbird, sun, wolf, thunderbird and sisiutl designs in the totemic style.

The general design line includes: dogs, cats, maple leaves, daffodils, schooners and lighthouses, sun, moon, coffee cup, tree, fleur-d-lis, rooster, pig, hummingbird, butterfly, iris, Kokopelli, and gecko designs.



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